Bridge Funding For Faculty

As an integral part of strategic positioning, the University of Minnesota is committed to strengthening the excellence of the faculty. Ongoing recruitment and retention of exceptional faculty who are effective teachers and researchers and who can contribute to the University’s outreach and engagement agenda in varied settings and with diverse populations is integral to institutional quality. Effectiveness in teaching students from all backgrounds and working with diverse communities is enhanced by having a faculty reflecting the diversity of our society through the ongoing and effective recruitment and retention of underpresented faculty.

Further, the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty community provides role models for students, which should improve the University’s success in recruiting and graduating historically marginalized students. The effective recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty require the University to be proactive and to identify and target particular individuals who fill an academic need and strengthen the faculty.

Therefore, to enhance the University’s ability to recruit and retain a diverse and world-class faculty, the University is reaffirming its commitment to making bridge funding available to assist with hiring underrepresented faculty. 

While Bridge Funding for Faculty is open to all faculty, regardless of race, ethnicity, or national origin, preference will be given to Indigenous faculty and faculty of color.