Award Criteria

The following criteria is considered in evaluating proposals:

  • Proposals with a single Principal Investigator
  • Collaborative proposals between senior and junior faculty or between faculty and graduate students
  • Proposed research project that is:
    • Interdisciplinary, inter-collegiate, cross-cultural, and groundbreaking across disciplines, departments, and colleges, or bridges the campus with local communities.
    • Innovative, transformational, and engaged with or focused on diverse communities in the United States or the Global South.

Special consideration is given to junior faculty of color and faculty who teach in units where the proposed research will advance curricular diversity or are working on topics where research support traditionally has been difficult to obtain. Now more than ever, we especially welcome research that promotes our understanding of race, indigeneity, gender, sexuality, immigration, health and mental health disparities, and projects that address educational and opportunity gaps in schools.

Award Eligibility

Applications are invited from all University faculty members who hold tenured or tenure-track appointments and whose scholarly research will focus on issues related to diversity, equity, and advocacy.