Application Submission Details

The submission of an incomplete application or of supporting materials other than those specifically requested is not permitted. Be sure to keep a copy of all submitted materials for your own records.

Proposals are considered for up to $10,000.


A complete application must include these materials:

  • the application form here
  • the research proposal
  • the budget form with a budget justification - (the importance of each item in the budget)
  • your brief CV

After completing the online application form, all materials listed below are to be emailed by the deadline to 
The subject line should read “MRA submission.”


  • Must be limited to four pages, using 12-point font or larger, and 1-inch or greater margins.
  • Must be written in a style that is accessible to a non-specialist audience.
  • Must include all of the following information:
    • Abstract: Provide a non-technical abstract of the research proposed (200 words or less).
    • Present status of knowledge: Provide a brief description of the nature, importance, and specific objective(s) of the research.
    • Plan of work: Provide a brief description of the research you plan to conduct and the timeline for completion of the project. Specify the material and method to be used and the specific hypotheses to be tested.
    • Budget: A complete Budget Form must be submitted as part of the application. This is a Word doc. You must make a copy of this template to complete and submit via email:
    • You may add lines to the budget section as needed.
    • Budget justification: As part of the Budget Form, you must state how each item in the budget is important to the successful completion of the research. The length of the Budget Justification section may not exceed one page.
    • If you choose to include summer salary, be sure to include fringe benefit costs. Your department’s Human Resource’s Coordinator should be able to help you calculate the fringe.
    • If you choose to include funds for a graduate student researcher, be sure to include fringe and that the rate includes tuition fees if during the academic year.
    • You must include a list of all current, pending, and potential sources (i.e. grants being prepared and/or already submitted) of support over the past five years (including the Graduate School and other University of Minnesota sources). Specify the granting period, the title of the proposal, the name of the granting agency, and the amount of the award.
    • Brief vitae with pertinent publications:
      • limited to one page, using 12-point font or larger, and 1-inch or greater margins.
      • list educational background specifying the degrees obtained dates, and institutions.
      • list all academic appointments in the last five years (including post-doctoral if applicable).