Bridge Funding

The University of Minnesota is committed to reaching the highest levels of inclusive excellence through the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty members. The Office for Equity and Diversity administers the Bridge Fund for American Indian Faculty and Faculty of Color Hires to help achieve this goal. 

The primary purpose of the Bridge Fund is to provide financial support to academic departments that have identified (either through a national search or a target of opportunity procedure) highly desirable American Indian candidates or candidates of color to fill fulltime tenured or tenure-track positions, but do not immediately have adequate funding available to extend an offer of employment. This is an auxiliary resource designed to complement, not replace, money regularly available to a unit. The fund can be used to supplement existing resources for a maximum of three years.

The maximum bridge funding allowable is:

  • 50 percent of salary and fringe the first year
  • 25 percent of salary and fringe the second year
  • 25 percent of salary and fringe the third year

All salary and fringe increases are the responsibility of the hiring unit, and the hiring unit will assume full financial responsibility for the hire no later than the third year.

Due to limited funding, requests are carefully reviewed for their relevance to the unit's specific academic and budgetary situation as well as applicable collegiate and University policies.

Bridge Fund for Spousal/Domestic Partner Hires

As of July 2013, Bridge Funds for spousal/domestic hires is administered by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. Any inquiries should be made to Deb Cran.

To Apply


Sean Garrick
Associate Vice Provost
Office for Equity and Diversity